Members are the best argument for having a Danish church so far from Denmark. In other words: No members – no church.

Your support makes it possible to have a Danish priest in Australia. It enables us to celebrate Danish worship with Danish hymns, as it is known from Denmark. It also means that children can be baptized and confirmed, and it makes it possible to be married and buried in Danish.

In addition, we would also like to be a social and cultural hub for the benefit and benefit of all Danes in Australia.

The Danish Church in Australia receives no support from the Danish or Australian state and only has support from Danish Seamen’s and Foreign Churches in Denmark. We are therefore deeply dependent on the voluntary assistance of members and, not least, financial support.

As a member you help ensure that there is still funding to have a Danish church in Australia. As a member, you receive the Church’s Newsletter 4 times a year, as well as receiving information via mail about upcoming events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane respectively.

The price of one year membership per household are the following:

Sydney / NSW: $75 per household, $50 if you are over 65
Melbourne / VIC: $75 per household, $50 if you are over 65
Brisbane / QLD: $30
Other states: $30

You can also choose to give a larger donation or a lump sum to the church, eg every month (alternative to the church tax in Denmark).

The price difference is because there is a different number of activities and services depending on where you live.

Please go to our online store and chose church payments or click here  to go to the page

You can also electronically transfer the money to our bank account please use the following abbreviations for your payment:

  • Membership Sydney: MS
  • Membership Melbourne: MSM
  • Membership Brisbane: MSB
  • Donation: DON
  • Item purchase: VAR
  • OTHER (please specify for what)
Bank Details:
Bank : ANZ
Account Name: Danish Church in Australia
BSB: 012-373
Account No: 498677544

If you have any problems with the payment, you are of course always welcome to contact the church office.