The priest in The Danish Church has the authority to do wedding ceremonies. 

Both for members of the church, as well as non members can use the church as an opportunity to get married.

There is the possibility of being married in the church, but there is also the possibility of being devoted to many outdoor places in Australia.

It is necessary to contact the church at least a couple of month in advance, due to the official process. Should you wish to have the wedding at a different location that the church you will need to get permission from the Australian authorities.

The church asks for a donation of $800 to conduct the wedding.

Furthermore you have to pay a fee to the organist.

It is necessary that you contact the church for at least a couple of months in advance, for the sake of the law, and if you want the wedding ceremony held outside the church, it is your responsibility to seek various permits.

It is a piece of paper to prepare ahead of the marriage, but if you follow our guide , it is no problem. The Church is asking for a $ 800 donation to take care of the wedding ceremony. In addition, other expenses may be charged for organist fees and renting of premises (if not in Frederikskirken).