We sing because
it's fun.

​For the past 2 1/2 years, have been able to enjoy choir singing on many occasions throughout the year, including confirmation, Christmas market and Constitution Day. Typically, a bunch of choir members attend events and services 4-5 times during the year.

The is choir led by Merete Higginbotham and meets every second week for a rehearsal evening. They currently approx. 15 happy singers that meet on Wednesday evening and try out a varied musical repertoire. If you are tired after a long day when you meet, you will soon forget it when the song starts!

The choir has an increasingly versatile repertoire, offering everything from Beatles and modern and classic hits to Danish collage songs and shows, as well as a selection of hymns. Much is sung in Danish, but also in English.

The choir is constantly working on developing and improving the repertoire, but at the same time also learning new.

Of course, it’s all about singing! But the importance of socialising should not be underestimated. Cozy company is at the top – and the break in the middle of the evening is a high priority!

There should also be time for coffee and cake, good talks and stories in the group.

The choir is driven by the desire to sing and because you have fun together. It was this joy of singing that caused the choir to continue in 2013 after what was originally intended as a one-off performance.

The choir members very much want even more to enjoy singing and good fellowship. More singers are always coming, both female and male!


If you have a good voice and want to sing with others, please contact

Everyone is Welcome