Visit from Denmark – Sydney

The Danish Church in Sydney and Melbourne is visited by bishop of ‘Fyns Stift’ Mads Davidsen and ‘udlandsprovst’ from Danish Seamen and Overseas Chruches Selma Ravn 7th – 11th February 2024

The reason for the visit is

  • to give the ministor church commite advise  and the staff possiblity and chance to discus the connction with the congregation and situation, incluing visions for the future. How you as a congregation and the chruch are working together
  • that the chuch commitee and minister through discussion with the bishp and the ‘udlandsprovst’ can finde support, guidance and inspiration in the congregation in Australia.
  • to increas the mutal knowladge and strength in the every day.

The Danish Churh in Australia would like to invite the congregation, friends and supports of the Danish Church in Australia to joing

Frederikskirken in Sydney:

Friday 9/11/24 6pm for a gettogether with a bite to eat at the hall an there after an evening service in the church.

Registration is essenssial!

Please send email to and let us know how many will be joining and if its the Sydney Evening or the Melbourne Lunch.


Feb 09 2024


18:00 - 20:00


33-35 Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills