Easter Service in Brisbane – and talk about “Danish Christmas Seals”

Join us this Sunday for a Danish Easter Service in Brisbane.

We welcome you all to join us for the service as well as the get together after wards where we will host a talk about “Danish Christmas Seals” by Jørgen de Voss.


About the talk
“The History of the Danish Christmas seals”
💙 When, where and why were the first Xmas Seals introduced for use on Xmas Mail?
💙 Who came up with the idea to make them, and Why?
💙 Why are we still attached to the seals on Xmas mail in Denmark?
💙 What is the difference between Postage stamps and Xmas Seals ?
All these questions will be discussed and answered by Jørgen de Voss, who has many years experience of stamp collection and philately studies.
Jørgen will also display his beautiful collection of Denmark’s Xmas Seals and also explain the various designs on the seals (julemærkernes motiv)
Place and time: Sunday the 24th of March;  the Danish Church Service at 2pm – the talk will start around at 3pm.
See you at:
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 71 Newnham Rd., Mt. Gravatt East, QLD 4122


Mar 24 2024


14:00 - 16:00
St Marks Lutheran Church


St Marks Lutheran Church
71 Newnham Rd, Mount Gravatt East QLD 4122