Christmas Service in Melbourne

Sunday December 15th Christmas arrived in Melbourne with Christmas service and BYO lunch in the garden. We had about 100 participants for a nice service with the participation of the choir aTempo and we also managed to get enough children for  the play. Thanks to Barbara Henriksen and assistant Karina from Sydney and of course […]

Christmas Service in Brisbane

We were welcomed to St Mark’s Lutheran Church  by the stunning colours of the large and beautiful orange and red Poinciana Royal Flame tree that grows at the front of the church.  All year this tree provides lovely shade and then at this time of the year it really puts on a show. Inside the […]

Christmas Market in Sydney

We had a terrific day at the Christmas Market in Sydney, the sun wasn’t shining but the weather was good for people to be out and about, we had a lot of visitors at the market buyin danish goods & food. We served Danish open sandwiches, Danish pastries, Hotdogs, rice pudding and apple dumplings. It […]

Christmas Craft in Melbourne

After the service in Melbourne on 10th November we had Christmas craft and Christmas ‘hygge’. A lot of people and new faces was there. It smelt of Christmas, ‘hygge’ and good mood. We cut out ‘kravlenisser’ braided hearts and made Christmas stars. It was a really good afternoon.

Working Bee

Saturday 26th we had a working bee for the church. We had a group of dedicated members to help do all the task. We cleaned the kitchen, the church including the fans and the lights, the air-condioners where cleaned. We had the gutters emptied and all the debris got swept of the roof. the Chrismas […]