We enjoy Family Events  through out the year and love to see the big smiles at these cultural and social events.


Throughout the year we plan events for families of our Danish Community. The Family Events are of different character and activities are as well.

We have a regular Playgroup for families with children from 0-5 years old. We meet up the first and third Friday of the Month from 10am-12pm. 

Every year among other events we host the danish carnival; fastelavn, the danish midsummer party; Sankt Hans, annual Christmas Market and Lucia Train as part of a family church service. These activities among others are especially welcoming  to children and families.

We are also organising get togethers around Sydney with kid friendly bushwalks, picnics and other simple activities on playgrounds etc. so danish families and children can socialize, meet other families with relation to Denmark and enjoy the a few hours of mother tounge.


We post all church and Family Events on the calendar here on our website and on our Facebook page Danish Church in Australia. Follow us to stay updated on events