Play Group

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Songs and games

We have decided to focus on songs and games when we meet twice a month in the play group. That is why we use language games, rhymes and songs which hopefully can IMG_0429.JPGinspire to further use of the language at home afterwards.

Children experience with their senses. They are open minded and curious. Rhymes and songs are stimulation the child’s creative, motor and linguistic development. Song games is going to give the children the opportunity to listen and move while they at the same time learn danish at a essential point in their development.

Each time we meet at 10 am where we will start out by playing and singing about 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time the children will have the opportunity to play with the church’s toys while the parents will have a morning tea.

Who, where and when?

The assistant, will be en charge for the play group. The minister, will participate once in a while.

We have play group twice a month. You and your child are welcome:

The first and the third Freday each month from 10-12 am at 35 Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills.


We expect that the family of the child is member of The Danish Church in Australia. This only costs $75 pr. family for a year (You can sign up the first time you attend play group).


You are welcome to contact the church for more information about the play group

T: 9980 8223
We have a facebook group that you can join as well.