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When a person dies it is common to contact an undertaker who can help with practical and legal that concerns the death. Billedresultat for funeral

One thing you usually make an agreement about with the undertaker is whether a minister shall conduct the funeral or not.

If you wish to have the danish minister in Australia to conduct the funeral you have to contact the minister and set a date for a conversation and actual funeral.

The danish funeral ritual will be used be we do local customs in account if this is a wish. Just as long as it still respects the evangelic Lutheran Christianity. The ritual can be performed ind both danish and english.

We ask for a donation of $300 if you are not a member of the Danish Church in Australia. Then you also have to pay a fee for the organist if you wish to have one at the service. If you wish the funeral to be somewhere else than the church (for an example in a crematory) you have to pay the rent of this as well.