Fun(d)raising for our hall project

Af  Mette Southwick, the fundraising comitee

Our plans are now with Council and hopefully real work will get underway very soon.
A project like this is of course expensive, but we hope that all members as well as our surrounding community will benefit and appreciate our new facilities and it will see us being able to host a plethora of activities new and old in fantastic surroundings. BUT MONEY IS NEEDED!
We have a generous amount received from Sigurd and Kirsten Sjoquist as a testamentary gift, which has enabled us to get off the ground.
Of course we wish all our members a long and happy life, but testamentary considerations are very welcome.
On a slightly easier note we would like to encourage all members who are able and willing to set up an automatic transfer – be it weekly or monthly- and any amount is WELCOME- it will make an enormous difference- we are working on a sponsorship program as well -Watch this space..
Most Danes are also familiar with the principle of

“Mange Bække små” meaning that lots of small amounts will eventually add up.
A collection box -sort of in the shape of the hall- will be set up in the Church as a “kirkebøsse” – all bits of coin and notes not going into our regular collections can be deposited there!
Also we would like to encourage you all to not only help the Hall project but the environment.
We will start collecting all drink containers which now attract a return fee and EVERY cent made on theses will go to our project as well- so PLEASE bring CLEAN cans and bottles with intact labels to the church- we will recycle and make it part of our fundraising.
Of course we will also recycle all empty cans and bottles generated by our church functions so please look out for the bins.
These are just the very beginnings of our ‘small stream’ efforts, but we hope that all members will back us up on this and together we will make it happen.