Gudstjeneste og AGM i Melbourne

Kort utilgængelig

Date(s) - 12/08/2018
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Swedish Church in Melbourne


There is danish service in Melbourne the 12th of August. There will be AGM after the service. The following items are on the agenda:

  1. Open meeting and Welcome by President and Chair Person Martin Sell
    (List of attendees and proxies. Quorum is 10% of Financial voting members)
  2. Election of minute taker
  3. Accept of Minutes of 2017 AGM and President’s Report of the Committee for 2017/2018 by President/Treasurer Martin Sell
    (The Minutes of 2017 meeting will be attached)
  4. Finances by Treasurer Martin Sell
    Signature by 2 Members of the Committee on the Certificate, certifying
    the Financial statement. Finances will be attached.
  5. All positions declared vacant. Jasmijn Smid has declared she will not be
    standing for committee.
    Election of President (Martin Sell)
    Election of Vice President (Gitte Hatwell)
    Election of Secretary (Erik Thorup)
    Election of Treasurer (Martin Sell)
    Committee elections (Pia Bengtsen, Henrik Nørskov Pedersen, Stig Jensen)
  6. Danish Church in Australia Pastor Bente Holdgaard’s report
    (Bente will not be present at the AGM due to overseas travel. Hans
    Christiansen from Melbourne Grammar will be conducting the service.)
  7. Confirm or vary the annual subscription and joining fees
  8. Special business received by members before the AGM
  9. Questions from the floor.
  10. Close meeting

Finances: Will be provided closer to the AGM meeting