Danish for Children

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Danish for Children started as a non-profit educational offer the 18th Of February 2007. We use The Danish Church of Australia’s facilities out in Pennant Hills, Sydney.

Three courses:

Danish for Children has three courses with different levels:

  • Little class (It is for children in the age of 4-7 years old. The children has to understand some danish. The teaching is based on singing games, story time etc.)
  • Middle class (It is for children that speak some danish but wants to improve their reading and writing skills.
  • Advanced class (For those who already can speak, read and write danish)


All courses are taught by competent teachers who aim to include all children in the teaching. Furthermore do we often get help from a parent.

Danish for Children needs now and then new teachers. If this is within your sphere of interest, you are welcome to contact the school chairman. We would also like to hear from you even if you just want to be a substitute teacher.


School chairman, Jonatan Zethner

T: 0467 570 551

E: jozethner@hotmail.com


Registration and payment

The church office
T: 02 9980 8223

E: info@danishchurch.org.au

Expectations to the parents

We expect that the children understand some danish since the class will be in both danish and english. We try to make the class as much as possible in danish.

Furthermore we expect that the parents actively help their children with homework like we also expect the parents to help in actual class now and then.


The purpose of Danish for Children is to give children with a relation to Denmark the oppertunity to learn, maintain and develop their danish both oral and written.

The children will also through the courses learn about danish culture, history, geography and danish traditions.

The students will get homework from class to class to optimize the courses’ yield.

When and where

The school year begins in February and ends in December. There is 10 classes during the year (no class in July). The classes will take place every other sunday from 10:45 am to 1:30 pm in the facilities of The Danish Church of Australia, 35 Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills.

We take in new students every February and August.



The price for a school year is AUD 150,- for the first child. After that the following siblings will only costs AUD 130,-. The price for a semester is AUD 90,- for the first child. After that the following siblings only costs AUD 70,-

While we wait..

The most parents choose to stay in the area during class. Some parents help with the teaching others talk and drink coffee in the garden.

You also have the opportunity to lend danish children’s books and movies from The Danish Church in Australia’s library in the basement.

No matter what Danish for Children is also a opportunity for the parents to meet new people.