Bonjour Patisserie   

Located in Wahroonga Village about 2 minutes walk from Wahroonga Train Station. It is bakery and a cafe that serves a good selection of hot pies, tarts and croissants, Danish and puff pastries, apple strudels, quiches and cakes. They also can make a good coffee to go with your choice of pastry. You will also be able in advance to order the traditional Danish birthday cake; “a cake man” or a “cake lady” as an addition to your children´s birthday at home.

At the Danish Christmas Fete Bonjour Patisserie sells tasty Danish ryebread and Danish pastries like “wienerbrød” and “Dagmar tærter” to bring home. Also the sweet and lovely “Hindbærsnitter” will be up for sale.


Blond Catering                                  


Enjoy award winning catering for both corporate and private events prepared at their purpose built commercial kitchens in the new food capital of Marrickville all with a fresh Danish twist by our Executive Chef Jesper H. Hansen. Blond is also exclusive caterer at the CYCA where members and visitors can enjoy award winning food at the Bistro seven days a week on the decks overlooking the harbour.

Gold Licensed Caterer. Winner 2015 NSW & National Caterer of the Year and winner 2018 Sydney Metropolitan Corporate Caterer award.

From the Blond stall you can bring Jesper´s amazing “Gravlax”, his “Danish Leverpostej” and “Frikadeller” home.


Mindful Making

Jane Balle is a Dane with a heart beating for knitting and sewing. So much so that she on a hobby basis runs Mindful Making creating a lot of homemade beautiful items to be sold at markets like The Danish Christmas Fete. Jane also gives ideas and good advice on producing craft on her blog and on youtube .



50Degrees North

50 Degrees North specialises in holiday travel to Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Green land, the Arctic and Russia. We specialize regionally, as we believe it is not possible to be good at everything. We are a specialist tour operator, but can also help book your international flights as a full service travel agent.



Helene Shuhin has a stall that sells Christmas decorations, cards, serviettes, homewares, craft supplies, candle holders, mugs, & other. All items are new and many European style. In this stall you may also have the opportunity to create a personalized Christmas Card with some calligraphed text.


The Goldsmith’s Atelier the gold logo

The Goldsmith’s Atelier is owned and founded by Islandic, Kristjan eyjolfsson-valle. At 19, he received a scholarship to the prestigious Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Art in Finland, which he augmented with an Honours BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing in England.

He says himself about his handcrafted jewelry: “Each of our pieces is meticulously crafted by hand using time-honoured techniques to transform precious metals and stones into works of fine art. Influenced by the dramatic forms found within nature, architecture, classical painting and sculpture, our designs are at once elegant, compelling and enduring. For us, making the most beautiful work possible involves focusing on the journey of each piece as much as the final result. This means that we source all our materials with as much respect for social and environmental considerations, as the superlative quality of the gems and metals we use”.


Nordic Rooms, Iconnect Products nordic logo.png

Nordic Rooms – iConnectProducts was founded in 2014 by Helene and Anders Gabrielsson.

Their award-winning range of Scandinavian homewares are designed in Denmark and Sweden and distributed to over 200 retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

For the Danish Christmas Fete, Anders Gabrielsson will bring  the top sellers from the “Rivsalt” range along with their most popular Danish design products from by Wirth, Nordstjerne & Piece of Denmark.


Leah Jewellery

Lena Åhman has been a popular stall holder at both the Christmas Fete and The Scandinavian Market for a number of years selling her personalized jewellery and gifts. Bracelets, necklaces and accessories are all made from glass beads and Swarovski crystals. Each piece is hand made.


Kaja logo

Kaja Clothing

Kaja Clothing is an online company which use Scandinavian design heritage and combine with classic Australian lifestyle values to create collections that are consistently wearable, stylish and elegant for women of different shapes and sizes – an elegant take on contemporary lifestyle garments.


Mona Lisa Pottery

Mona Lisa is a potter who loves designing and making things by hand. A lot of Mona Lisa´s work has a Scandinavian touch. She makes all her work by either forming slabs of clay or on a potter´s wheel. She uses earthen ware or stoneware clay, always in white.


Nord Haus

Faced with long winters, the Scandinavians and Northern Europeans are ardent followers of ‘hygge’, the art of creating an environment of comfort, timeless elegance, pleasure and tranquillity in their homes.

At Nord Haus we collaborate only with Northern European and Scandinavian artisans who share our passion and respect for the environment to produce their distinct and elegant products.  

Our mission is to present you with unique products showcasing the beauty and culture of Northern Europe. We are driven by the passion of our homeland, heritage along with timeless elegance and style.

Currently we showcase products sourced directly from Northern Europe, includes stunning handmade ceramics from Latvia, and a gorgeous selection of 100% Pure linen products including aprons, tea towels and Table runners.


Two Swedes Cooking

Two Swedes Cooking will be selling Swedish/Scandinavian style canapés both savoury and sweet mainly for people to eat there.