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For many Danes it is completely natural to let your child baptize. Even though you are far away from Denmark this is still possible in Australia. Even with a danish service. Danish Church in Australias billede.Please contact our minister via telephone or e-mail to set a date for the baptism. The ritual can be performed in both Danish and English.

We baptise during our danish service. Before the baptism we arrange time and place for at meeting where we discuss all practicals concerning the baptism, the baptism ritual and what the baptism means.

Before the baptism you have to send the following papers to the church office:

  • Birth and name certificate for the child
  • Baptism or name certificate for the parents
  • The parents wedding certificate

You can send the papers by mail or attach them in an email. We need to have the papers at least one week before the baptism.

The family has to be a member of the Danish Church in Australia.

You have to find at least three Godfathers (and maximum five). At least two of the Godfathers have to be present at the baptism.

All the godfathers has to be baptized in the Christian faith recognized by the Danish Church.

If you have any questions, just ask the minister.

The baptism will not be registered in Denmark. That means that you have to go to the church office in Denmark with the baptism certificate we give you if you ever move to Denmark. Then they’ll register the baptism.

The great distances in Australia can make it difficult to arrange a baptism in the church in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. In special circumstances a baptism at home can be arranged. There will be an extra charge for the transport expenses. (Normally we ask for a donation of $50)